A list of changes to the Morty platform.
Improved Fixed Android Web
9 days ago

More improvements to the Android and Web search experience + more!

  • Search bar now makes it more clear if a user's location is unknown
  • Fixed an issue where the map would default to focusing on a point over the ocean if a keyword search came up empty in the given location. The map will now instead focus on the nearest matching location
  • Fixed and improved the map overlay that appears when searching for non-IRL attractions
  • Other UI improvements to Location and Attraction pages
New Improved Fixed Android Web
11 days ago

🗺️ Big improvements to the map for Android and Web

  • [Desktop web only] Pin clusters now light up if you hover over their experiences in the list
  • Constrained the map's maximum zoom out, so you only see 1 instance of the world instead of multiple
  • Fixed an issue where sections of the map weren't clickable if map cards were open
Improved Fixed Android Web
17 days ago

Non-IRL attractions easier to find on Android and Web

  • Removed geographic bounds when searching for non-IRL attractions (virtual or tabletop) and removed the pins from the map
    • Attractions that can be enjoyed from anywhere will now be viewable everywhere from the list
  • Fixed an issue where changing the sort order selected changed the attractions in the list and on the map
  • Other bug fixes
New Improved Fixed iOS
19 days ago

Find instantly bookable games + more on iOS

Tap the 'Book instantly' filter button for games you can book in Morty

Lots of fun enhancements and fixes in this one:
  • Bookable attractions filter -- easily see what you can instantly book on Morty.
  • Bookings enabled for Coming Soon attractions.
  • Reduced app launch time, and map loading improvements.
  • Super tall weekly calendar and other calendar cosmetic improvements.
  • "Best price" explanation modal.
  • Better error handling.
  • Rating breakdown section bug fix.
  • Promoted game section header fix + highlighting when bookable.
  • Improved reviews list view performance.
Improved Fixed Android Web
26 days ago

New improvements to the map on Android and web

  • Made it so the map remains in the same position if you go back from an attraction's page, making it easier to look at multiple locations in the same area
  • Other bug fixes

Instantly book experiences on Morty

Book your next experience in seconds, without leaving Morty! No more retyping your info on every escape room website. How it works:
  • ✍️ Enter your info once 
  • 🧠 Morty remembers it forever 
  • 🤯 Book in less than 10 seconds 
Look for the ⚡️ 
Improved Fixed Android Web
about 1 month ago

New fixes on Web and Android

  • Map cards now are properly ordered and reflect active filters, making it easier to find what you're looking for
  • Map pins now include the name of the location
  • Fixed an issue where reviews appeared to be a date early
  • Other small UI improvements 
New Improved Morty for Business
about 2 months ago

Major update to Morty for Business dashboard

  • Massive overhaul to the Morty for Business dashboard
  • New tabs and resources added:
    • Attractions
    • Bookings
    • Promotions
    • Exclusive offers
    • Support
    • Other tools
  • Manage listings via the Attractions tab
  • Become a Morty partner via the Bookings tab
  • New Claim your business flow for operators to get verified
    Claim your business

Bugfix release

  • 🐛 Fixed an issue where the product walkthrough wasn’t appearing on desktop web.

Improved Fixed Android Web
2 months ago

Major improvements and fixes for Android

  • Improved filter reliability
  • Fixed issue where map and list positions aren't maintained when browsing to/from an attraction
  • Fixed issue with badge categories
  • Various other UI improvements and bug fixes
New iOS Android Web
5 months ago

Looking for some holiday themed fun? Look for the snowmen!

  • Find holiday themed fun by looking for snowmen on the map and in the list

Profile preview cards added to desktop web

  • Added profile preview cards to desktop web
  • Other various UI improvements and bug fixes
New Improved Fixed Android Web
7 months ago

New features and fixes on Web and Android

  • Added availablity time slots to Explore screen on Android
  • Added loading states to lists to make UI more responsive
  • Added secondary categories to experiences
  • Increased visibility of ratings, clarity of map cards, and appearance of the category filter bar
  • Other UI improvements and bug fixes

New Android Web
8 months ago

Haunts have landed on Web and Android

  • Added Category filter bar to Explore screen, plus dynamic filter menus
  • Icons added to map pins to differentiate experience types
  • Major UI updates to user profiles, experience details pages, review pages, and rating breakdown to accommodate haunts
New Fixed Android Web
8 months ago

New experience info + fixes on Web and Android

  • Added editorials, review details, and share button to experience pages
  • Made the back button smarter
  • Other small UI improvements and bug fixes

New Improved
over 2 years ago

Team photos + more!

Tons of great stuff in this release.

Team photo upload
  • At long last you can upload escape photos!
  • We've added some more badges, including a mysterious RECON badge you might be able to uncover at the conference this weekend...
  • It's now easy to links to games and user profiles.
  • Games with awards are marked with an icon in lists.
  • You can pull to refresh game lists.
  • Number of games played includes those pending approval.
  • Various bug fixes, UI, and performance improvements.

Completed map pins

Wanna play your way through a city? Now if you finish all the games a particular location we'll indicate it on the map!

Completed pins

Suggest an edit

Morty enthusiasts can now let us know if any listing information needs to be updated. We'll get everything fixed up asap!

Suggest an edit


You can now see a beautiful map of escape games around you. More to come!

Escape room map

Invites, plus a ton more

BIG release today.

You can now invite friends to Morty.
Send Invite

We also fixed:
  • Games you add which are pending approval will count towards your score.
  • Added awards to game details, where we display awards that prominent bloggers have given (still populating our database).
  • Tapping the rocket icon in the bottom bar will scroll you to top of the game list.
  • Achievement dates are now showing the proper date.
  • Loading speed improved across the app.
  • Users with reviews can now be untagged from game history. Untagged users will not lose any data and will still have a play history record.
  • UI improvements and bug fixes to the connections screen, user images, and many others.

Thanks to all who reported bugs and requested new features! Keep the feedback coming, we take it very seriously.

Push notifications when tagging friends in games

You'll now get notified when a friend tags you in a game you played together. Also when someone follows you.

To enable just follow at least one person from the Connections screen.

Closed/Open + IRL/Virtual

After many requests we now visually distinguish games which are closed or opened and IRL vs virtual.

Closed Games

You can now see at a glance if a game is closed. If you tap on it you'll be able to see if it's permanently or temporarily closed.
IMG_E397CEC42397-1.jpeg 67.35 KB

Type of Game

We've added icons so you can easily see if a game is a real life escape room, a virtual room, or a tabletop game.
IMG_9698.PNG 146.21 KB

Sign in with social uses the same account

Previously when signing in with different methods we would create duplicate accounts, even if they had the same email address associated with them. This was annoying. 😿

As of today any method you use for sign in will take you to the same unified account, as long as you are using accounts with the same email address.

This works across Facebook, Google, Apple, and email/password sign in.

* Note that if you sign in via Apple and hide your email address, we won't be able to match you with an existing user account, and we'll create a new account. 🕵️‍♂️

IMG_C9207FFC94DD-1.jpeg 52.08 KB

See the games you and your friends both wishlisted

Now available when viewing a user's profile:

IMG_A6626DA98DB8-1.jpeg 64.45 KB

Follow other enthusiasts

Mark Played button on game details screen

It's now really easy to mark a game as played or add it to your wishlist using this big old button.

The swipe actions from the game list still work great though, btw!

IMG_8D7789016035-1.jpeg 170.83 KB

See if people you follow have played the certain games

You can now see if your friends have played a game when looking at the game details screen, as long as you are following them.

IMG_29F1342BDAD1-1.jpeg 84.73 KB