A list of changes to the Morty platform.
9 days ago

More improvements to the Android and Web search experience + more!

  • Search bar now makes it more clear if a user's location is unknown
  • Fixed an issue where the map would default to focusing on a point over the ocean if a keyword search came up empty in the given location. The map will now instead focus on the nearest matching location
  • Fixed and improved the map overlay that appears when searching for non-IRL attractions
  • Other UI improvements to Location and Attraction pages

🗺️ Big improvements to the map for Android and Web

  • [Desktop web only] Pin clusters now light up if you hover over their experiences in the list
  • Constrained the map's maximum zoom out, so you only see 1 instance of the world instead of multiple
  • Fixed an issue where sections of the map weren't clickable if map cards were open

Non-IRL attractions easier to find on Android and Web

  • Removed geographic bounds when searching for non-IRL attractions (virtual or tabletop) and removed the pins from the map
    • Attractions that can be enjoyed from anywhere will now be viewable everywhere from the list
  • Fixed an issue where changing the sort order selected changed the attractions in the list and on the map
  • Other bug fixes

New improvements to the map on Android and web

  • Made it so the map remains in the same position if you go back from an attraction's page, making it easier to look at multiple locations in the same area
  • Other bug fixes

New fixes on Web and Android

  • Map cards now are properly ordered and reflect active filters, making it easier to find what you're looking for
  • Map pins now include the name of the location
  • Fixed an issue where reviews appeared to be a date early
  • Other small UI improvements 

Major improvements and fixes for Android

  • Improved filter reliability
  • Fixed issue where map and list positions aren't maintained when browsing to/from an attraction
  • Fixed issue with badge categories
  • Various other UI improvements and bug fixes

Looking for some holiday themed fun? Look for the snowmen!

  • Find holiday themed fun by looking for snowmen on the map and in the list

New features and fixes on Web and Android

  • Added availablity time slots to Explore screen on Android
  • Added loading states to lists to make UI more responsive
  • Added secondary categories to experiences
  • Increased visibility of ratings, clarity of map cards, and appearance of the category filter bar
  • Other UI improvements and bug fixes

Haunts have landed on Web and Android

  • Added Category filter bar to Explore screen, plus dynamic filter menus
  • Icons added to map pins to differentiate experience types
  • Major UI updates to user profiles, experience details pages, review pages, and rating breakdown to accommodate haunts

New experience info + fixes on Web and Android

  • Added editorials, review details, and share button to experience pages
  • Made the back button smarter
  • Other small UI improvements and bug fixes