New Improved Fixed iOS Android Web Morty for Business
about 2 months ago

2024-04-28 Morty updates

Bug fixes
  • Fixed an activity feed issue that caused it to not load
  • Fixed an issue where chat deeplinks to Morty pages sometimes opened the web page instead of in-app screen
  • Added better error handling to new booking feature
Features & Improvements
  • Improved loading speed when choosing a location from the search bar
  • Fixed an issue where parts of the Edit profile screen were covered by the Save button
  • Updated search bar placeholder text
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a loading issue that was causing crashes
  • Fixed some pages that were 404ing

Features & Improvements
  • Updated Sign up copy to make it more clear

Morty for Business
Features & Improvements
  • Improved booking details UI so payment math is more clear
  • Added user ratings and reviews to the booking details
  • Updated contact links in Partner Program onboarding flow